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The Titanium Jaw Versus the World’s Hottest Ice Cream!?

Brandon Macey, known as The Titanium Jaw, is a competitive eater and YouTuber. We covered Brandon before when he was the first to complete the Jumbo Slice Pizza Challenge in New York at Fierro's Pizzeria.


The Titanium Jaw has taken down anything from pizza to burgers to wings and even the hottest food challenges in the entire world. He uploads videos of himself taking on food challenges to his YouTube channel, where he has earned over 300 subscribers.

Among his food challenge content, Brandon has also uploaded reaction-style content, where he reacts and provides commentary to videos of competitive eaters (even some he has collaborated with) and other YouTubers.



Recently, Brandon came up with a spicy idea for a video that he would upload on February third of this year. Since he has tackled ice cream challenges and some of the world's hottest food challenges, Brandon thought of creating a concoction by combining the two.


First, we want to start by saying do NOT try this. The Titanium Jaw even puts this in his intro because he is about to embark on a journey that will truly test his limits.

So, you're wondering how it turned out, right? Well, I can't spoil it for you. You'll have to watch it below! I just hope The Titanium Jaw didn't regret this one too much. He did make me hungry for ice cream, though!



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Photo Credit: Brandon Macey

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