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The Titanium Jaw Becomes First to Conquer the 12-Minute Jumbo Pizza Slice Challenge

Brandon Macey (The Titanium Jaw) is a food challenger and YouTuber originally from New York, currently residing in Massachusetts.


Who is The Titanium Jaw?

Our story begins in 2021 when Brandon Macey would start going by "The Titanium Jaw." Brandon uploaded his first video to his YouTube channel on August 27th, 2021, titled "30" STEAK AND CHEESE SUB CHALLENGE."

In this eight-minute video, The Titanium Jaw greets his audience and explains that he is at DiBlasi's Subs in Everett, MA, to take on their giant steak and cheese submarine sandwich challenge.

If Brandon is successful, he gets $30 worth of gift certificates for the restaurant, a t-shirt, his name on the winner's plaque, and the right to brag for life to anyone and everyone he knows. Not bad for the first challenge on his channel, but did Brandon win? Find out below!



With seven restaurant challenge wins under his belt, Brandon uploaded another video on February 17th, 2022. This time, he is trying to be the first person ever to beat an enormous slice of pizza and also get his first restaurant challenge win in New York at Fierro's Pizzeria.

If challengers can conquer the jumbo slice in 12 minutes or less, they get the slice of pizza for free, a t-shirt, a $50 gift card, and they will go up on their wall of fame. If the attempt results in a loss, challengers will not only have to accept the loss but give the restaurant $20 and go up on their wall of shame.

The challenge was advertised when the restaurant relaunched with new management, and it remained undefeated after 24 attempts. That did not deter The Titanium Jaw, however. He pressed on to see if he could be the first-ever to take it down.


The Titanium Jaw vs. The Jumbo Pizza Slice? LET'S DIG IN!


As you can tell from the title of this article, Brandon absolutely crushed this challenge. He finished with a time of 5m:24s, taking less than half the time needed to complete the challenge! He gets the slice of pizza for free, a t-shirt, a $50 gift card, and he will go up on their wall of fame as the first successful champion in the fight against the giant pizza slice.

Brandon now stands at eight restaurant challenge victories, and it will mark his first victory over food in the state of New York.

We wanted to know more about how this epic food challenge got defeated, so we reached out to Brandon for a comment on how he felt the challenge went and his favorite part of the whole thing.


"I was very pleased with the service and how the owners made me feel welcome as soon as I entered the restaurant. They knew I was coming since I called ahead, and they had the slice already prepared for me, which was much appreciated.

I don't think I have one particular favorite part of the challenge. The whole 5½ minutes I spent tackling it was pretty enjoyable. The slice was cooked perfectly, which made it easy to eat.

The staff that was there all gathered to watch me, and everyone was very impressed, not only for finishing the challenge but for my time as well!

They gave me a t-shirt and a $50 gift card, and I gave them a few of my business cards so they can promote my channel while I promote their restaurant. All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better experience, and I'm very happy with this victory." -The Titanium Jaw



Brandon 'The Titanium Jaw' Macey is an exciting food challenger to watch, and he will surely keep aiming his sights high for more food challenge victories. He keeps on eating and has a great time while doing it. The Titanium Jaw is one to watch closely!


Photo credit: The Titanium Jaw

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