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Piche Eats Pounds Attempts Massive Pizza Challenge in Florida with a Special Guest

Bill Piche is a bodybuilder and food challenger from Florida. We wrote about Bill in April, when he took on a burrito challenge in Florida and secured a new record at the restaurant (you can read about that here). One thing is clear about Bill regarding food challenges: He absolutely loves taking them on.


Bill taking down a massive burrito to secure a new record


In one of his latest food adventures, Bill was at Pizza Xtreme in Orlando, Florida, where he was looking to take on another food challenge. This one would be a bit different than usual, however. Bill would need a partner willing to help him devour a delicious-looking 28-inch pizza.

Bill starts the video inside the restaurant and states that he is excited to take on this team pizza challenge and that a few professional eaters have taken on the pizza solo.


Here comes the big reveal: Bill enlisted the help of his 88-year-old father-in-law, Bob, to help him take on this massive pizza challenge. Bill further explains that pepperoni pizza is one of Bob's favorites, so it should be a fitting challenge for him.

The pair had just one hour to take down all 28 inches of the pizza. They also had the option to split the pizza into sections and went with quarters. Instead of just getting one topping, they opted for four toppings, including mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni, and ham.

If they were victorious, they would get the $47 pizza free of charge, t-shirts, and their team photo on the restaurant's Wall of Fame.



With bright smiles (and plenty of napkins), Bill and Bob started working on this massive pizza after a five-minute wait for it to cool down.

Before long, they downed a couple of slices, and both seemed optimistic that they would soon earn the prizes and the bragging rights for taking down such a delicious foe.

But did they complete it?

Check out Bill and Bob's attempt below!



Bill Piche currently has over 200 subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 14,000 views in total. He continues uploading food challenges and food-related videos to his channel and frequently updates his audience on Instagram.


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