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  • Thomas Twombly

Piche Eats Pounds Sets New Record For Burrito Challenge In Florida

Bill Piche is a food challenger and bodybuilder from the United States that focuses on training, determination, and food challenges. Bill has his own YouTube channel called Piche Eats Pounds.

Bill posts videos of himself taking on various and unique food challenges in Florida while documenting his experiences. Bill also posts food challenge training videos, where he breaks down his experiences with food challenges and gives you tips on how you can attempt one yourself. Bill always maintains a laidback and calm approach, whether in a food challenge or training video.

On April 24th, 2022, Bill uploaded a video where he takes on a burrito challenge at Riviera Mexican Restaurant in Crystal River, Florida. This challenge will be his eighth overall, and he is looking to take down the burrito in one sitting. This challenge won't be easy for Bill as this beast weighs at least six pounds and comes loaded with delicious toppings, including sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, and more.

If Bill is unsuccessful in taking down this gigantic burrito, he'll have to admit defeat and hand the restaurant $30. However, if Bill can take down the burrito in one sitting, he'll get the $30 meal on the house and go on the restaurant's Wall of Fame.

Bill states that this is the first burrito challenge that he has ever attempted. He also mentions that the owner told him that about 500 people have failed this challenge.





With determination and a passion for food challenges, Bill powered through this monster burrito and set a new record of 11 minutes and 33 seconds! Bill kept his cool and did not let the burrito intimidate him. This is a great win for his eighth overall food challenge, and I hope he celebrated with dessert if he had room for it!


Photo Credits: Piche Eats Pounds

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