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Man vs. Omelet: We Talked to Nathan Klein About His Recent Viral Food Challenge

Nathan Klein is a food challenger and YouTuber from Michigan. He uploads food challenges, food reviews, and more.

On August 6th, Nathan uploaded a video titled: UNDEFEATED 7+ POUND OMELET CHALLENGE IN DA UP - The Jolly Giant - Tovey's Jolly Inn (Germfask, MI).

Nathan was determined to take on this MASSIVE breakfast challenge and be the first ever to conquer it. Traveling to Tovey's Jolly Inn in Germfask, MI, Nathan took on their 11-year undefeated breakfast challenge.


About the challenge. Credit:


Back in June, we interviewed Nathan about his food challenge career, how he prepares for challenges, and more. We sat down with him again, wanting to know more about this challenge garnering over 10,000 views and his thoughts on it.

Food Challenge News: Hi again, Nathan! How have you been since we last spoke? Nathan: Hi, I have been doing well. Nice to hear from you again. Food Challenge News: How many food challenge wins do you currently have? Nathan: I am currently at 107 food challenge wins. Food Challenge News: What is the longest distance that you have traveled for a food challenge? Nathan: I recently won four food challenges in the Orlando, Florida, area. That is around 1000 miles from home. Food Challenge News: You recently had a video reach over 10,000 views! What was the food challenge you attempted? Did you expect that amount of hits for the video? Nathan: The Jolly Giant omelet challenge at Tovey's Jolly Inn in Germfask, MI (the upper peninsula), which had gone unbeaten for 11 years. I took a trip through the area to my college alma mater, deciding to try it. I shared some of the pictures of that challenge and another omelet challenge I did on the same trip to a local Facebook travel page, and it got shared over 500 times. A local radio station contacted me for an interview about the challenge. There was also a local newspaper that printed an article about the challenge. They sent me a few copies, which was awesome! I expected the video to be watched but not 10,000 times! Food Challenge News: What is your favorite food challenge collaboration you have done? Nathan: My favorite collaboration was two food challenges I did with Molly Schuyler earlier this summer. We did a team pizza challenge and an individual challenge side by side with three giant tacos. Food Challenge News: Thank you again, Nathan, for joining us for another interview about your food challenge career. Do you have any food challenges coming up? Nathan: I have some food challenges planned. I hope to collaborate with some other eaters before the year is over. I have a small Labor Day weekend "tour" planned to an undisclosed area with another undefeated challenge! I will likely be taking time off after September to catch up on some home projects. I will also be keeping up on the Detroit Lions football season!

You can check out Nathan's attempt at this undefeated breakfast challenge below. You don't want to miss it!



You can follow Nathan's latest food challenges and food reviews on his Instagram & YouTube channel. Photo credit: Nathan Klein


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