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Nathan Klein Takes on a Monster Steak Challenge With a Special Guest

Nathan Klein is a food challenger from Michigan. He recently invited a special guest to take on a monster sirloin steak challenge with him as part of one of his most recent YouTube videos.

Starting his YouTube channel in 2019, Nathan set his sights on getting as many food challenge wins as possible. He currently has 86+ food challenge wins

Nathan recently visited Steaks Eatery in Jackson, MI with a special guest to take on their "Monster Sirloin Steak Challenge." The 2 & 1/2 pound steak & sides challenge seems like a beast. Winners get a t-shirt and go up on their wall of fame, but can Nathan and his special guest complete the challenge and get their shirts and their pictures on the wall of fame? Find out below!


We sat down with Nathan to gain insight on how he started his food challenge career, how he prepares for food challenges, and what his plans are for his YouTube channel in the future.

Food Challenge News: What was your inspiration to start doing food challenges? Nathan: I have watched the 4th of July Nathan's contest for the last twenty years. I watched the TV show Man v. Food and was always interested in trying a challenge. In 2018, my brother-in-law and I tried the Fox's Big One Team Pizza challenge and came up four slices shy and lost. I got very sick and had a miserable night and next day after this challenge. In May of 2019, my wife found a local charity that was looking for volunteers to raise money for a donut-eating contest. I emailed them that night and I was the last contestant. I placed 2nd in the contest by mere bites and was extremely disappointed in myself because I made some stupid mistakes. A few days later I left work on my lunch break and went to a local pub and tried their burger challenge. I finished it in record time (around thirty minutes). From there, I tried a new challenge every week and kept winning, and really enjoyed it so it became a fun hobby. Food Challenge News: How do you prepare for a food challenge and when do you start preparing for one? Nathan: I will typically first learn what the challenge is, how big it is, etc. Once I know the weight, I will start to gradually work up my capacity about a week leading up to the challenge. Each day I'll eat a little more food until I'm eating well over the challenge weight. I typically always do intermittent fasting and One Meal a Day (OMAD) even when I'm not preparing for challenges so that preparation meal is all I eat throughout the day. All the foods are low in calories and high in volume so I maintain my weight.


Food Challenge News: What was your first-ever food challenge? Did you complete it? Nathan: My first-ever challenge was on October 5, 2018. It was in Battle Creek, MI at Fox's Pizza Den. My brother-in-law and I lost the undefeated challenge, we had only four pieces left when the time expired. Food Challenge News: You've taken on some big food challenges. What was the most difficult food challenge you have completed and what was your strategy for completing it? Nathan: The biggest challenge I have done was twofold really. The biggest one was my second challenge win, but I didn't know it was as big as it was until after. It was an eight-pound omelet. My strategy was to eat as fast as I could as I knew after about twenty-five minutes, I'd feel full. I finished the last few bites thirty minutes into the challenge. It was a huge struggle but I had the entire restaurant staff rooting me on. After the challenge was over, I found out it was eight pounds, after walking in thinking it was five pounds. The biggest challenge I knew I was walking into was a seven-pound pizza in Mt. Pleasant, MI. I knew it was going to be tough but there was so much crust. I started off strong, working on the middle pieces and saving the outside crust for last. It started to become too much around thirty minutes, so I slowed way down and used a few glasses of Diet Coke to get the remaining down within the one-hour time limit. I was the first person to win this challenge since it has been around, which was about five years. Food Challenge News: In addition to posting food challenges on your YouTube channel, you also post food reviews. Could you tell us more about that? Nathan: I posted some food reviews because I really enjoy making things in the kitchen. I love trying new recipes and will often make something just because I want to try it and then will give it away. Food Challenge News: What are your plans for your YouTube channel in the future? Nathan: I have plans to release food reviews and food recipes, as well as spotlight local Michigan restaurants. I'm working on developing a bigger following through food challenges and have recently started releasing food reviews and low-calorie recipe alternatives to high-calorie fast foods. I will soon run out of local food challenges so unless I'm traveling or more are created, I will not have this option for my YouTube account. I'm also interested in showing people you can maintain a good physique and stay healthy and eat big meals in moderation. I've thought about different ideas to present this to my subscribers. Food Challenge News: We appreciate you taking the time to talk with us today. Is there anything you would like our readers to know? Nathan: I really appreciate you contacting me about this interview and taking interest in my history. I'd like to let everyone know I have lost over 50 pounds and successfully kept it off while completing nearly one-hundred food challenges in the last two years. With hard work, dedication, and discipline, anything is possible. I'd also like to let everyone know I am a big fan of the Detroit Lions (I'm a glutton for punishment). Other hobbies include cars and painting (I am self-taught). I'm a big movie buff, and I also occasionally play video games. I'm obviously really big into fitness and playing around in the kitchen.


You can follow Nathan's latest food challenges and food reviews on his Instagram & YouTube channel.


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