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  • Thomas Twombly

Leah Shutkever Achieves 300,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Leah Shutkever is a professional eater and YouTuber. Leah started her food career in 2018, discovering a love for taking on food challenges and crushing food records. She is also known for her impressive acquisition of twenty-five world record titles from Guinness World Records.

Recently, Leah achieved 300,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, with fans tuning in to watch her destroy food challenges and world records. One of those food challenges included eating an 8,000 calorie cinnamon roll.

As of the date of this article, Leah has garnered over thirty-seven million views on her channel.



I've been watching Leah's epic food challenge adventures for years. One thing is clear, Leah Shutkever is not only determined but, as I often say, passionate. I have no doubt she will be at five hundred thousand subscribers and thirty world records in no time.


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Photo credit: Leah Shutkever

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