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  • Thomas Twombly

The Sweetest Challenge Ever? Leah Shutkever vs Giant Cinnamon Roll

In this corner, we have Leah Shutkever and in this corner, we have...a GIANT cinnamon roll? FIGHT!


Leah Shutkever is a food challenger and world record holder from the United Kingdom. Starting her YouTube channel in 2018, Leah has gained over 35 million views and 289 thousand subscribers. She is known for dominating food challenges and slaying food records like they are nothing.

In a recent YouTube video, Leah attempted an 8,000 calorie GIANT cinnamon roll challenge. We couldn't believe it either.

Leah arrives in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, at The Steamhouse Bakery. Staring down a MASSIVE cinnamon roll, Leah explains what the challenge entails and what is expected of a challenger who is willing to take on such a deliciously sweet challenge.

At this point, you might be asking: "Can someone really take down a three pound cinnamon roll that contains 8,000 calories?" Great question, but I can't tell you, check it out below to see for yourself!



Leah Shutkever is a top food challenger and world record holder. She continues to amaze her audience by taking down the most epic food challenges. Whether you are a passionate fan of food challenges or watching food records get smashed, Leah Shutkever is one to watch closely.

Follow Leah: Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and YouTube. Photo credit: Leah Shutkever


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