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  • Thomas Twombly

Heat 101: The Sixteen Million Scoville Bubble Gum Challenge

Dark and Bella are back at it again in this chapter of Heat 101's spicy adventures!

Heat 101 is a YouTube channel that focuses on spicy foods, food challenges, hot sauces, and more. We first covered them in May when they took on Johnny Scoville's 6 Hot Balls Cheese Puff Challenge.


Dark and Bella return in their latest episode to take on a spicy bubble gum challenge.

Fast facts about this challenge: 1. The challenge is made by CaJohn's Fiery Foods, a company specializing in hot food products. 2. It clocks in at sixteen million Scoville Heat Units. 3. There is no spitting in this challenge. You spit, you quit! 4. You are encouraged to blow bubbles. You might as well have some fun with a bubble-blowing competition while suffering.


Immediately after a countdown from three, Dark and Bella board the spice train again with a destination of pain. It is already is starting to look hot, with both of them looking at each other in shock. Dark then successfully blows the first bubble of the challenge, with Bella quickly following suit. The pair then see how many bubbles they can complete before the challenge is over.

Who will win the bubble-blowing competition? Did the bubble gum get the best of Dark and Bella? Did they spit? You will have to join them on their spicy journey and find out below!


Dark and Bella continue to amaze me. With over 23,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, they continue to show their passion for spicy food products with each episode, bringing viewers along for the ride and making you feel like you are right there with them. Keep it up, Heat 101!


In addition to reviewing spicy products and doing food challenges, Heat 101 streams video games live on Twitch. They also have an expansive merch selection, including hoodies, hats, and even tote bags.

Follow Heat 101: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Photo credit: Heat 101


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