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  • Thomas Twombly

Heat 101: Taking on Some of the World’s Hottest Food Challenges

Are you passionate about spicy foods and hot peppers? Do you consider yourself a spicy food connoisseur? Would you DARE to take on the world's hottest cheeseballs?

HEAT 101 is a YouTube channel formed in 2010 by husband and wife team Dark and Bella. They have amassed over 18,000 subscribers and review many different types of hot sauces, spices, and hot food products. They also take on some of the hottest challenges ever created. In their latest episode, Dark and Bella team up once again to take on Johnny Scoville's “6 Hot Balls Cheese Puff” challenge. At the start of the video, they give David Foy (owner of Blazing Foods) a call to go over a few questions about this fiery challenge before getting started. David mentions that the first two cheeseballs start off mildly hot, the second two get even hotter, and then the final two “get pretty warm." David also says that there is a sixty-second waiting period in-between each cheeseball.


After going over the rules and disclaimers of the challenge, Dark and Bella glove up and begin their blazing journey to conquer the hottest cheeseballs on the planet. From the start of the first one-minute timer, I knew this challenge was going to be intense. Dark and Bella both comment with just six seconds left in the first minute that it's already starting to get hot. As Bella claps her hands together and does a short dance to get into the zone, I felt like I was the one attempting the challenge and starting to feel the spice.


By cheeseball number three, Dark states that he is doing good so far and appears to be calm and collected, while Bella states it is starting to affect her nose and throat. Will Dark and Bella be able to finish all six cheeseballs and claim victory over Johnny Scoville's challenge? Watch below to find out!



In addition to reviewing spicy products and doing food challenges, Heat 101 also streams video games live on Twitch. They also have an expansive merch selection, including hoodies, hats, and even tote bags. Follow Heat 101: Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook


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