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Basketlockerball: The Food Lover and Conqueror Willing to Take On 15,000 Calorie Food Challenges

Shawn Butler (Basketlockerball) is a food challenger and YouTuber from Massachusetts.


I love watching food challenges. In fact, I'm always on the lookout for more videos featuring the endless battle of people versus food. Basketlockerball is one of those that is willing to take on the fight against food. Whether it's tacos, burgers, or even 15,000 calories in one hour, Basket takes on just about anything.

Basketlockerball starts his videos with an enthusiastic attitude and greets his audience. He then explains what food challenge he is taking on and carefully explains the rules included in the challenge.



Fuddruckers' Double 5 lb. Burger Challenge
Fuddruckers' Double 5 lb. Burger Challenge
"My friends, my fans, my family!" -Basketlockerball

Basketlockerball also takes on restaurant challenges, battling against massive quantities of food in hopes of being victorious. He also has the chance to win t-shirts, his name and photo on the Wall of Fame, and even cash. Prizes vary between restaurants, with some even offering gift certificates for that specific restaurant and free food for one year.


Basket recently met up with another food challenger, Brandon "The Titanium Jaw" Macey. (We recently wrote about Brandon taking on the Jumbo Slice Pizza Challenge at Fierro's in New York.)

For this collaboration, Basketlockerball and The Titanium Jaw have teamed up for the first time to take on the 30" pizza challenge at Cappetta's Italian Imports and Pizza in West Haven, Connecticut.

After entering the restaurant, the pair look at the two possible places to end up after attempting the pizza challenge at Cappetta's, The Wall of Fame, and The Wall of Shame.

There is only one picture on the Wall of Fame, and it's not even a team. Geoff Esper took on this pizza challenge by himself and is the only person to complete this challenge solo. There has not been a team that has defeated this monstrous food challenge.


• The rules for this pizza challenge include a 30-minute time limit to finish the pizza, and challengers cannot leave the table. The pizza must have one topping, and if challengers are successful, the pizza is free, and challengers will get a t-shirt and a spot on the Wall of Fame.

• If you are unfortunate enough to fail the challenge, you have to pay the restaurant $75 for the pizza and go on the dreaded Wall of Shame.


Check out Basketlockerball's and The Titanium Jaw's videos below to see if the pair will be the first team to be on the Wall of Fame!



Whether it's an at-home food challenge, a cheat meal, or a restaurant challenge, Basketlockerball strives for more victories over food while showcasing his talent for eating and keeping a great attitude.


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Photo credit: Basketlockerball

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