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  • Thomas Twombly

5 Competitive Eaters That Have Broken World Records

What do you think when you think of competitive eating? Is it taking down as many hot dogs as possible within a time limit? What about taking on the hottest wings in the world? For some, this type of feat also includes breaking a world record, sometimes multiple times over.

Hungry yet? Grab your favorite snack (we just did). We are looking at five competitive eaters that have broken world records.


Starting off our list strong, we have Leah Shutkever, hailing from England. Leah got her start in 2018, setting out to dominate food challenges and break food records, including everything from an 8,000 calorie cinnamon roll to the hottest chip on the planet.


Leah is known for breaking world records. She's eaten the most sausages in one minute, broke the fastest time to drink a liter of gravy, and even downed as many tomatoes as she could in a minute.

Leah currently stands at 25 official world record titles and looks to dominate even more with grace and persistence.



Next up on our list of passionate eaters, we have Joel Hansen. Joel hails from Canada, has 242 food challenge wins, and broke the Guinness World Record for the most ice cream eaten in 30 seconds in 2019.



If you watch food challenges and competitive eating, chances are, you know Molly Schuyler. Molly is the number one ranked female independent competitive eater in the world. She's taken down 22 pounds of prime rib, a 72-ounce steak in under three minutes (yes, really), and also set a world record at Wing Bowl in 2018 by eating 501 wings in 30 minutes.



Kevin Strahle (L.A. Beast) is known for doing things the average human will not do. From drinking bottles of lemon juice to attempting to eat as many Carolina Reapers in one minute as humanly possible.

L.A. Beast has broken multiple world records, including the most chicken nuggets eaten in three minutes, and has attempted to break six Guinness World Records in one sitting.



Peter Czerwinski is a long-time competitive eater and world record holder. Known for his epic burrito eat-offs and skill of eating particularly fast, Furious Pete has broken many world records. Some of the records he has broken include the world's fastest time to eat a 12" pizza, the most pulled pork eaten in six minutes, and the most quarter-pound hamburgers eaten in one minute.



It is truly astounding the amount of skill, focus, and calculation that it takes to break such legendary food records. These competitive eaters go above and beyond, taking each record very seriously and giving it their all. It's no wonder why they are considered the best in the world!


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