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5 More Competitive Eaters That Have Broken World Records

It's record-breaking time again. Get comfy, sit back, and relax. We're looking at five more competitive eaters that have broken world records. Let's get to it!


First up on our record-breaking list, we have Nela Zisser. Nela is a YouTuber, model, and competitive eater from New Zealand.


Nela started her competitive eating journey after her mother persuaded her to enter a local eating contest. Nela not only won the competition but found a passion for competitive eating along the way. She also uploads videos to her YouTube channel of her taking on food challenges that are not only delicious-looking but hard to believe.

On December 23rd, 2020, the official Guinness World Records YouTube channel uploaded a video of Zisser taking down the most chicken nuggets in one minute, breaking the world record.



Mike Jack, known as Mike Jack Eats Heat, is a vegan speed-eater and YouTuber from Canada. Known for attempting super spicy challenges, Mike uploads his fiery feats to his YouTube channel. Mike has broken four Guinness World Records for eating the hottest peppers imaginable.



Adam Moran, AKA Beard Meats Food, is a competitive eater and YouTuber from the United Kingdom.

Well-versed in the world of competitive eating, Adam is currently ranked the #1 competitive eater in the United Kingdom and #11 in the world by Major League Eating.

Adam has taken on some pretty intense food challenges, documenting his food domination on his YouTube channel. One of these food challenges included taking down 17 Big Macs in under one hour, breaking the world record in 2015.



Coming in at #4, we have Eric Booker. Eric is a competitive eater, rapper, and YouTuber from New York, USA. Eric is known as Badlands Chugs. As his name suggests, he is known for drinking things fast. Like, really fast. He is currently ranked #23 in the world by Major League Eating. Eric takes on colossal drink chugging challenges and uploads them to his YouTube channel, where he has amassed over three million subscribers. Badlands Chugs always has a positive attitude and makes the challenges a wild but fun ride.

"Enough talk" -Badlands Chugs

Eric broke the Guinness World Record this year for the fastest time to chug a 2 liter bottle of soda.



Raina Huang is a competitive eater, model, YouTuber, and social media influencer from California, USA. Raina started her YouTube channel in 2010, posting videos where she goes on food tours, taking on as many food challenges as possible.

In 2017, Food Beast published an article about Raina taking on the 50x50 In-N-Out burger challenge. Raina ended up defeating this wild (and meat-filled) monstrosity, breaking the world record.



There you have it. Five more competitive eaters who broke world records. Amazing, right? We thought so too. Is it just us, or did this article make you hungry? Be right back, grabbing some food.


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