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YourManCody: Challenge Enthusiast and Competitive Eater

Cody Dulaney, known as YourManCody, is a competitive eater and adventurous YouTuber from St. Louis, MO.

Cody loves attempting challenges, whether it's 24 hours of camping alone, competing in hot dog eating competitions, or eating the world's hottest beef jerky.

Since launching his YouTube channel, Cody has gained over 650 subscribers that tune in to see what crazy challenge he is willing to try next.


On January 12, 2019, however, things would change for YourManCody. Cody uploaded a video where he visited a chicken wing chain restaurant with friends who were having a casual lunch.

Cody decided to take on their popular hot wing challenge. This video would mark his first spicy food challenge and would ignite a fiery passion for spicy foods that would foreshadow future videos.

Cody would go on to win the challenge and worked hard to display his love for challenges (now including spicy food challenges) by uploading more videos to his channel as his subscriber count grew. He visited restaurants more frequently to attempt their challenges and started collaborating with other competitive eaters. He would also introduce his signature finger point in his video introductions.



By this time, Cody started to become more known in the community for not only food challenges but spicy challenges as well. He started uploading more videos where he would attempt to consume the hottest food challenges in the world, including chugging Carolina Reaper hot sauces and eating a 13 million Scoville chocolate bar.

Cody would also get his own page on League Of Fire, a website dedicated to spicy foods, challenges, competitions, and eater rankings.



Cody continues to broadcast his adventures to the world while pushing himself and having a good time. Even though he has had painful experiences in his videos, he continues to prove that there is little that he won't try.

I will leave you with this question I have asked myself while watching YourManCody's videos: "How DOES he do it!?"


Photo Credit: YourManCody

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