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  • Thomas Twombly

Unleash The Archers Take on the Bravado Spice Hot Sauce Challenge

Unleash The Archers is a Canadian power metal band formed in 2007 featuring Brittney Slayes (Vocalist), Scott Buchanan (Drums), Grant Truesdell (Guitar), Andrew Kingsley (Guitar), and Nick Miller (Bass).


Left to Right: Andrew, Nick, Scott, Brittney, Grant. Credit: Unleash The Archers


Featuring powerful vocals, epic guitars, hard-hitting drums, and a love for the power metal genre, Unleash The Archers quickly became known as a band that continuously produces high-quality music with a passion that shines through their work. The band eventually signed with Napalm Records (Worldwide) and Ward Records (Japan), with many of their music videos reaching millions of views.



In June of 2021, Unleash The Archers took on a new adventure, one of the spicy variety. The band bravely decided to attempt a hot sauce challenge featuring their Twitch sponsor Bravado Spice. Bravado Spice is a hot foods company featuring hot sauces, seasonings, recipes, and even margarita mixes.

The band attempted this challenge on Twitch and even participated in a Q&A (question and answer) session for viewers watching live.


The video starts with Bravado Spice hot sauces in full view with cooling relief for later in the challenge while Brittney thanks viewers for tuning in online. They also have spicy margaritas prepared for the event.

Do you think Unleash The Archers could power through the entirety of the Bravado Spice Hot Sauce Challenge?

I can't spoil it for you, but I can tell you that I have listened to many albums by Unleash The Archers and viewed many of their music videos, which are very high quality. They did not disappoint with this hot sauce challenge and maintained the same passion as they would on stage.

Check it out below!



Left to Right: Andrew, Nick, Brittney, Scott, Grant. Credit: Unleash The Archers


Unleash The Archers is a band that love what they do, and it is not surprising that they have thousands of fans that support them online and at their concerts.

Whether you like epic power metal, solid performances, or love to see a group of talented individuals taking on a hot sauce challenge, Unleash The Archers is the group for you!


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