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This Giant Cupcake Challenge Weighed Over 2 Pounds

With Fall already here, we've been thinking about the things that come with the season.

One of them happens to be baking. Baking is versatile, with various challenges and rewards, and it can be the perfect way to have a relaxing (and delicious) night indoors as the leaves fall outside.

However, since this is Food Challenge News, we couldn't just leave it at that.

We searched far and wide to see what bakery food challenges are out there, and we happened to find one in Arkansas that featured an enormous cupcake called The Goliath Cupcake Challenge.


Now, you might be wondering why I typed "weighed" instead of "weighs" in the title of this article.

You are right to wonder, as when researching this epic challenge, I unfortunately found that the bakery went out of business.

However, as this was a unique challenge, I felt it should be documented to show what is possible for bakery food challenges. Let's get to the facts of this now-defunct cupcake challenge.


Fast Facts

This challenge was made famous by Travel Channel's Man v. Food.

Kirby's Kupcakes (closed) in Rogers, Arkansas, offered the challenge.

The cupcake weighed 2.5 pounds, and challengers had 30 minutes to finish the cupcake with a 5-minute wait after the challenge.

One Goliath Cupcake was the equivalent of 22 of the bakery's regular cupcakes.

Winners got the cupcake for free, a free t-shirt, and their picture on the bakery's Wall of Fame.


The Goliath Cupcake Challenge
The Goliath Cupcake Challenge

While this challenge was still active, there were brave patrons who dared to stand up to this massive cupcake. It gives us a look into the past when the cupcake was a worthy opponent that challenged anyone to defeat it. Check them out below!



This is where the story of the Goliath Cupcake Challenge ends.

Will there be a cupcake challenge that will top the Goliath Cupcake? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I'm going to grab dessert!


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