• Thomas Twombly

The Most McDonald’s Apple Pies Ever Eaten? (How Many Will They Sell You?)

Dan "KILLER" Kennedy is determined to eat the most apple pies that McDonald's will sell him. Can he eat them all?

Dan "KILLER" Kennedy is a known competitive eater. Having over 37,000 subscribers on YouTube, he uploaded his newest video entitled "The Most McDonald's Apple Pies Ever Eaten. Dan references a world record on the most apple pies ever eaten from McDonald's was completed by Adam Moran (aka Beard Meets Food), in which Adam takes down 40 apple pies in 26 minutes and 47 seconds. Determined to beat that record, Dan went to McDonald's to see how many they would sell him and even at that limit, could he best 40+ apple pies?


Dan leaves his viewers in suspense, telling them "I'm not gonna tell you how many I have back there, I want you guys to guess how many I have in two bags." When I first watched this video. I was guessing there was at least 40, maybe 50 apple pies in those two bags. Even with Dan having multiple apple pies on the table and in his hands, I still could not guess how many he had or how many he could eat. After watching some of his previous challenges, I was willing to bet he was up to the task.


With his timer behind him operated via remote (we really want one of those), two cups of water, and his manually operated tally counter, Dan went all in and started his journey on being the record holder of McDonald's apple pies. One by one, Dan crushes each apple pie within seconds while simultaneously keeping up with his manually operated tally counter (now that's multi-tasking!). Even as he crushes them, it hardly feels by #14 like he has made a dent in the still unknown amount he had purchased from McDonald's. How many McDonald's apple pies was Dan able to purchase? Will he beat Adam Moran's record of 40? Check out his video below!



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