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The Midtown Bait & Tackle Bait Bucket Ice Cream Challenge

Midtown Bait & Tackle is a fishing store located in Channing, Michigan. The store sells just about everything you need for a relaxing day or night fishing and taking in the fresh and crisp air.

They also offer something that may shock you. Desserts. Not just any desserts, they're known for being delicious and also unique at the same time.



The store also features an ice cream challenge that went undefeated for 11 years.

The Bait Bucket challenge consists of 24 scoops of ice cream, a piece of pie and cheesecake, 12 gummy worms, other various toppings, and whipped cream. The challenge arrives in a bait bucket and comes topped with a bobber for added appearances.

Winners receive the ice cream for free, a t-shirt, and get their picture posted on the store's Facebook Wall of Fame. If you lose, you pay the restaurant $25 and leave with nothing.

Oh, and I almost forgot. You have just 30 minutes to take down the Bait Bucket challenge.



The only person that has been able to tackle (no pun intended) this mountain of ice cream is Nathan Klein, a food challenger from Michigan who tours parts of the United States and attempts food challenges.



Now that we've reached the end of the story of this now defeated massive ice cream challenge, I have to wonder how long it will be until it is defeated again and who will defeat it next. I will leave that question to you while I grab some ice cream!


Photo Credits: Midtown Bait & Tackle

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