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  • Thomas Twombly

The 5-Minute Rice Cake Challenge

We're back with another classic competitive eating collaboration. This time it's rice cakes. Let's take a look at our competitors.

• Molly Schuyler- Competitive eater ranked the #1 independent female competitive eater with over 450 food challenge wins.

• Max Stanford- Competitive eater ranked #1 by the British Eating League in 2020 with over 50 food challenge wins.

• Brett Healey- Competitive eater with over 70 food challenge wins ranked #19 by Major League Eating.


Molly, Max, and Brett are doing a collaboration challenge to see who can take down their food the fastest in this epic eat-off.

If you're unfamiliar, a collaboration challenge is a food challenge where two or more food challengers brainstorm a challenge idea and then decide on the type of food they will be eating.

After this, each competitor records their attempt at the challenge within the time limit given.


For this challenge, the agreed-upon food was rice cakes. Here comes the twist. It's only a five-minute challenge. That means that challengers will have to strategize on how to take down their rice cakes before the time is up. Challengers also get their choice of liquids to use during the speed challenge.

At this point, I'm wondering who the winner of this challenge is. Who could take down their rice cakes the fastest? Did anybody come up short? Check out their attempts below!



Writing about this challenge was genuinely fun. I love seeing talented eaters go head to head to see who can be the challenge champion. It's always good fun, and it adds to the viewing experience (and makes me hungry!) I can't wait to see what collaborations and epic food challenges pop up next!


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