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The 18,000 Calorie Monster Dessert Challenge

Ah, dessert. Isn't it wonderful? Think of your favorites. Now multiply them until they equal 18,000 calories. Are you done yet? Time for dessert!


Kyle Gibson (known as Kyle V Food) is a professional competitive eater residing in England. Kyle has over 48,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and has taken on some of England's biggest food challenges. He recently did the ENTIRE Christmas menu from Mcdonald's, just in time for the Holiday season!


Earlier this month, Kyle set his sights on taking down a dessert challenge. This epic challenge contains 18,000 calories. Wrap your mind around that one (we tried too).


Kyle arrives at Huckleberry's American Diner, where he explains that the restaurant personally invited him to create his own custom-made food challenge. Kyle then heads inside and starts planning this epic food challenge. He states that he wants something with lots of chocolate, cookie dough, and ice cream. The restaurant will also allow Kyle to name his custom-made challenge.

A few minutes later, this intense (and delicious!) looking challenge is ready, and it is mind-boggling. The restaurant staff asks Kyle what he wants to name such a challenge. He decides on "Kyle's Tough Cookie Challenge."


After the restaurant explains what lurks in Kyle's Tough Cookie Challenge, Kyle looks like he is ready to dig in but appears to know that this will not be easy. This challenge is 18,000 calories. If he finishes, he will be the "King of Desserts." Can Kyle beat his own challenge?

Check it out below!



Kyle frequently posts his food challenge adventures on his YouTube channel. He also has a website where he sells merch, talks about news and events, and even has a section where you can invite him to try your food challenge. Kyle is very dedicated to competitive eating and is a strong contender when called upon for the ultimate fight against food.


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Photo credit: Kyle V Food

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