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  • Thomas Twombly

“Steel Rod” Radim Dvořáček Competes in a Hot Dog Eating Contest for Charity

Mr.HotDoG's Eating Contest is an annual tradition that takes place in Prague, Czech Republic.

On September 18th, Mr.HotDoG held their sixth annual eating contest. This event features a merch tent, live music and, even a margarita machine. Also featured is a hot dog eating contest for charity.

"Steel Rod" Radim Dvořáček is a competitive eater from the Czech Republic. Known by his over 100,000 subscribers for taking on massive portions of food, Radim uploads his impressive feats and food challenges to his YouTube channel. This time, however, Radim is eating hot dogs for charity. For each hot dog he consumes, 100 CZK (4.55 USD) goes to charity. Unlike some eating contests where contestants battle it out live on stage in front of an audience, Radim did this eating contest solo to see how many hot dogs he could get down while raising money for charity.



This is a class act from "Steel Rod" Radim. He is an impressive competitive eater and always has a smile, determination, and passion for what he's doing. Whether you are a passionate fan or are hearing about him for the first time, Radim never fails to impress in the world of competitive eating. Follow Radim: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Photo credit: Radim Dvořáček


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