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  • Thomas Twombly

Restaurant Spotlight: St. Louis, MO (Sen Thai-Asian Bistro)


Sen Thai-Asian Bistro opened its doors in 2002 in the historic Shell Building, eventually moving to its current location on Washington Avenue in 2018. The restaurant offers a taste of Thai and Japanese cuisine, featuring a gluten-free menu for both. The restaurant also features a bar, wine menu, and upstairs seating. The restaurant is also available for takeout and delivery.


I arrived in St. Louis on a cold February afternoon, hungry and ready to chow down on some great food. My host for this trip, Mitch, recommended Sen Thai-Asian Bistro as our first restaurant experience in the city. It instantly sounded like the perfect match: Delicious and warm food that is sure to hit the spot on a cold day. It was my first time trying Thai cuisine, and I eagerly awaited the drive into the city, ready to warm up and taste some of the best food that the city has to offer.

Mitch and I arrived at Sen Thai-Asian Bistro for a relaxing afternoon lunch. Upon stepping inside, we were greeted warmly and brought to our table.

After being seated, we scanned the QR (quick-response) code on the table, which brought us directly to the online menu for the restaurant. I liked this because instead of receiving a traditional paper menu, you scan the QR code with your phone, and it takes you to the restaurant's online menu, giving you instant access to deciding what you want as soon as you are seated.



Our server was very enthusiastic and professional and asked us what we would like to drink with our meal. I opted for ice water while Mitch went with lemonade.

When our drinks arrived, our server asked if we wanted to start with an appetizer. Mitch recommended the tasty-sounding Corn Todmun, a spicy fried corn patty with a house-made sweet and sour sauce, a dish he has sampled before. The appetizer also has a red hot chili pepper next to it on the menu, indicating that it's a spicy dish.

Within 10 minutes, the appetizer was brought to our table, freshly prepared with the smell of delicious sweet and sour sauce filling the air. Upon my first bite, I was instantly impressed with the quality of the corn patties, with the corn having a soft and mild texture. The sweet and sour sauce was the perfect accompaniment to the perfectly fried patties, with the sauce being spicy enough to compliment the flavor without being too overpowering. The garlic and ginger really came through on the taste of this dish, perfect for the opener of our meal.


Corn Todmun with the house-made sweet and sour sauce
Corn Todmun with the house-made sweet and sour sauce

Corn Todmun with the house-made sweet and sour sauce


After finishing our appetizer, Mitch ordered the chef's special for us to share, consisting of sushi lobster rolls served with a tempura-fried lobster tail, sushi rice, avocado, cream cheese, soy paper, jalapeño jelly sauce, topped with tobiko.


The chef's special was presented beautifully and served with soy sauce, making for the perfect dip (or even dunk!) It made for the perfect shareable plate for Mitch and me before our main courses.
The chef's special was presented beautifully and served with soy sauce, making for the perfect dip (or even dunk!) It made for the perfect shareable plate for Mitch and me before our main courses.


For my entrée, I went for the Cashew Nut Noodle dish and chose chicken for my protein. This dish consists of wheat noodles, chicken, cashews, raisins, carrots, white onions, green onions, eggs, garlic, and mushrooms. It is stir-fried in a house-made sauce and topped with a Thai sweet chili paste.

Mitch decided on the Kao Soi Curry Noodle Soup, a curry-based dish with coconut milk consisting of egg noodles, carrots, baby corn, mushrooms, and topped with crispy noodles, fried onion, and bell peppers.


Chicken Cashew Nut Noodle
Chicken Cashew Nut Noodle

Kao Soi Curry Noodle Soup
Kao Soi Curry Noodle Soup


My entrée was brought out fresh and hot (it still had steam coming off of it) and looked appetizing. The wheat noodles had a great consistency, and I was happy with my choice of chicken for this dish. The vegetables were fresh and added a crunchy texture. It also had a mild spice that I found to be flavorful but not overpowering, similar to the Corn Todmun. I also felt the portion size was acceptable for the price point of the dish.

Mitch enjoyed his Kao Soi Curry Noodle Soup, stating that it was an excellent choice for his entrée and he would order it again for a future visit. It was also served fresh and hot, with a lime wedge on the side.


After 30 minutes of tasting this delectable feast, we decided to get to-go boxes as we were full after such a great experience. Mitch and I had enough food left over for a few late-night meals. I was also impressed by the to-go packaging, with nothing being spilled or tipped over for the drive home. Mitch even received a to-go cup for the rest of his lemonade. Talk about service!


Sen Thai-Asian Bistro was a wonderful first-time experience, and I thanked Mitch for the recommendation. I was so impressed by the restaurant that I called friends and family to tell them of my experience, a classic sign of any great restaurant.

I would recommend this restaurant to those wanting a dining experience with friendly staff, quality food, and a great ambiance for your next casual lunch or dinner.


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