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  • Thomas Twombly

Randy Santel takes on Ed Walker's 5lb Burger & Onion Ring Challenge

A 5lb burger AND a basket of onion rings in 45 minutes? That's a lot of food in a short amount of time.


Randy Santel (aka Atlas), a St. Louis native and food challenger with over 800+ wins in all 50 States and 37 Countries, is no stranger to this kind of challenge. As part of his 2020 Southeast USA tour, Randy stopped in at Ed Walker's Drive in to attempt their 5lb burger challenge in Fort Smith, Arkansas.


About the challenge:

Ed Walker's Drive-In 5lb Burger Challenge in Fort Smith, Arkansas ($40):

- Ed Walker's Drive-In has been open since 1943 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. - They offer a 5lb burger challenge which comes with a side item of your choice. - There is a giant beef patty topped with cheese, condiments, and healthy veggies. - You can get a basket of any of their side items - fries, tater tots, or onions rings. - The burger is cut into 8 pieces and there is a 45 minute time limit to finish it all. - Winners receive the $40 meal free and a spot on Ed Walker's Wall of Fame. Credit: Randy Santel I've been watching Randy for years now, and there's nothing I like more than a good old fashioned food challenge. When he spins his hat around to turn into Atlas, does his signature flex and does his "3...2...1...BOOM!", I know I'm in for a great time. Randy is attempting to be the 3rd person to defeat this massive burger and onion rings. You might be thinking "Well did Randy defeat this beast of a challenge?" Find out below!



One thing I admire about Randy Santel is his passion for food challenges. Randy does what he loves with a big heart and determination. Whether it's being courteous to staff, making a fans day, or dominating food challenges all over the globe. He is the founder and proud owner of, a website where you can find out tips for completing food challenges, strategies and more. He also does a "$20 Value Menu Challenge" where he sets the time for a value menu challenge equaling $20, and then posts his official time and rules of the challenge, encouraging others to try it.


Randy frequently updates his social media, you can keep up with him on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.


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