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OldGuyEats: Foodie, Food Challenger, and Food Enthusiast

OldGuyEats food challenge and eating challenge


Chris Dale (OldGuyEats) is a food challenger and YouTuber from Texas. He started his YouTube channel last year after going out with friends and coworkers to a restaurant that featured a food challenge.

The challenge was a massive burger with chili cheese fries, and he not only finished, but he even took down a milkshake as a declaration of victory. Chris was the only one to finish out of the group that participated in the challenge. This victory would foreshadow his passion for food challenges months later.


After his first food challenge win, Chris wanted to know more about food challenges and wanted to attempt more of them. He quickly started researching food challenges in his area and began training and strategizing for future challenges. Chris would film himself taking on food challenges and would narrate his videos where he discussed his thoughts and strategies while taking on the challenges.

Chris would also film food review videos where he would visit restaurants with his wife and document their experiences. He would eventually launch a personal website and continue to promote himself on social media.



On October 19, 2022, Chris uploaded a video where he takes on the world-famous 72oz steak challenge at The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, TX. It was his first time attempting the challenge, and the video would later go viral, amassing over 29,000 views in three months.


The 72oz steak challenge at The Big Texan in Amarillo, TX




Chris always brings positivity to these challenges, but for the team pizza challenge at Cici's Pizza in Katy, Texas, Chris would require a partner. It is a massive 28" pizza, and any successful team receives a $500 cash prize. It would also be his first pizza challenge.

Chris teamed up with Greg "The Savage" Wilson, a competitive eater ranked #30 in the world by Major League Eating. The pair set their sights on this massive pizza challenge and the $500 cash prize. We talked with Chris, who gave us the rundown on this epic pizza challenge.


The Katy-Mason Cici's Pizza is the only location that offers this challenge.

A two-person team must finish a 28" one-topping standard crust pizza and 32 oz fountain drinks (no ice) within 1 hour to win. There is a two-minute wait after the challenge to ensure challengers keep the pizza and drinks down. No dipping sauces. No dunking is allowed.

The challenge is $50 to enter, and winning teams receive $500 cash.

At this location, there have been 234 attempts, and there is only about a 6% success rate.


OldGuyEats and Greg "The Savage" Wilson Team Pizza Challenge at Cici's pizza in Texas

OldGuyEats and Greg "The Savage" Wilson Team Pizza Challenge at Cici's pizza in Texas

OldGuyEats and Greg "The Savage" Wilson Team Pizza Challenge at Cici's pizza in Texas


With their eating abilities combined and a willingness to push on, Chris & Greg took down the massive pizza in 54 minutes and 26 seconds! The pair claimed the $500 cash prize, bragging rights, and the memories of an epic team pizza challenge!


Recently, Chris reached 500 subscribers on his YouTube channel and has a challenge planned to celebrate the milestone. He continues to improve his eating skills while broadcasting his genuine personality and passion for food. It will be exciting to see what Chris takes on next!


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Photo credits: OldGuyEats

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