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Nathan Klein Reaches 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube: We Talked to Him About It

Nathan Klein, a food challenger from Michigan, has recently reached 1,000 subscribers on YouTube! With slightly more than 75 videos on his channel, this is a real success. YouTube is notoriously difficult for newcomers to gain traction with their channels. Many who reach a point of success are either talented editors, animators or generally have already built an audience via social media to help market their YouTube videos.


Nathan doesn’t fit these categories. His videos follow a raw-vlog style format, showcasing the various food challenges he attempts. When watching these, there are no high-technology or advanced editing skills. However, that’s part of the appeal. Nathan does a great job of embodying the guy who lives next door that everyone can relate to in some form or another. Perhaps that’s why his channel is gaining in popularity.

So far, he’s won over 100 different food challenges, documenting some of these wins for his channel. He travels all over the U.S. to demonstrate his enormous food-eating capabilities and does so quite successfully.

The most popular video on his channel is where viewers can watch Nathan consume a seven-pound omelet - a feat not many can claim as their own. The video has a total of 11,000 views so far and is by far the most popular one. Other videos on his channel are reviews and recipes that he has formulated in his free time.



When looking at Nathan, food challenger doesn’t come to mind. Slender and with a muscular build, Nathan looks more like a personal trainer than he does someone who consumes vast amounts of food. (He’s actually an engineer by trade.)

However, he proves people consistently wrong with, for example, being the first person to complete a restaurant’s seven-pound omelet challenge in 11 years.

This month we sat down with the food challenger and asked him some questions regarding his YouTube success and upcoming plans.


Food Challenge News: Hi Nathan! It is so great to talk to you again! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this short interview.

We wanted to congratulate you on reaching 1,000 subscribers on YouTube! That is a huge milestone. How does it feel to have achieved that? What do you contribute your success to?

Nathan: Thank you very much! I told myself back in October I wanted to strive to hit 1K by the end of the year, and I did it. I contribute my success to setting a goal and sticking to it. I also am very thankful to have networked with many other food challengers who gave me tips and ideas to help grow the channel. I also started to do a lot of research and marketing associated with my channel and YouTube in general. I am also very grateful for all the publicity I have received from articles written by websites like Food Challenge News, Awesome Mitten, and other local publications. All of those things help get your name out there and, in turn, grow your following.

Food Challenge News: During our last interview, you mentioned that you were looking to attempt another undefeated challenge. Did you end up doing it, and if so, how did it go?

Nathan: I did attempt another undefeated food challenge. It was the One Bowl cereal challenge in Fostoria, Ohio. Unfortunately, I ran out of time and suffered only my sixth overall food challenge loss. I plan to go and try again at some point with a different strategy.

Fortunately, on that same trip, I was able to try another undefeated challenge. I won that challenge, so not all was lost.

Food Challenge News: As someone who continuously breaks records and challenges the limitations of humans when it comes to eating. How do you feel that relates to your life in general?

Nathan: I do not consider myself an elite eater by any means. There are plenty of people that are far better than me. I have been very lucky to be in an area with a wide variety of food challenges. I have found most of these myself, though. Fortunately, I also have many people who send them to me. Because of this "home-field" advantage, a lot of times, I get first dibs before some of the big names can make it. I have always considered myself an average guy with an above-average appetite. Any time that I can set a record, I do enjoy it, however.

Food Challenge News: We have many readers curious about starting their own food challenge journey. What would you say is the best way to get started? Do you have any tips?

Nathan: I never recommend anyone starts food challenges unless they understand all the risks associated with them. If I were to give any advice, it would be to fully understand what you are getting yourself into and fully understand you will be doing something that is not natural and will hurt and push you. You also need to know that people will look at you and think of you differently. It is not easy to do these, but if you overcome these barriers and understand your body, you can have a lot of fun in the process.

Food Challenge News: With your current YouTube success in mind, what are your ongoing plans for your YouTube channel? Is there something you wish to highlight more?

Nathan: I have thought of what my next milestone is for YouTube. I have over 30 food challenges recorded from this year that will roll into my channel in 2022. I have some big and small challenges that I cannot wait to release. I will also have some collaborations with other eaters. I am also approaching 100 food challenge wins in the state of Michigan. I am not sure if any other eater has 100 wins in a single state, but that is on the horizon for 2022. (I am currently sitting at 90.)

I am proud to say I have had a weekly video since February 2020. I also have another idea for YouTube that I will be working on over New Year's weekend, with potentially another video series that would release in conjunction with the restaurant food challenges. I want to keep it hush for now because I am unsure how or if it will even work. People subscribed to my channel for food challenges, which will be my focus for the near future. Rest assured, I am always trying to think of fun and creative ways for more YouTube content.

Food Challenge News: Thank you again, Nathan, for taking the time to sit down with us and talk about your food challenge career!

Nathan: Thanks again! Always nice to talk with you guys!


You can follow Nathan's latest food challenges, food reviews, and recipes on his Instagram and YouTube channel.

Photo credit: Nathan Klein

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