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  • Thomas Twombly

Molly Schuyler Attempts the 2021 One Chip Challenge x47 by Paqui!

Molly Schuyler is a world-ranked competitive eater known for breaking food records and taking on many food challenges and eating contests.

Recently, Molly live-streamed her latest spicy challenge on YouTube involving Paqui's One Chip Challenge. This is the 2021 version of the notoriously spicy challenge.

Molly isn't going to do just one of these scorching chips. She's attempting to do 47 of them. That's right. Molly is looking to be the champion of the One Chip Challenge.

Molly starts her live stream with all 47 chips laid out in front of her. She also checks in on her live chat, where fans can watch her attempt this challenge live and even donate to her.

She also states that she is unsure if there are any technical rules for the challenge, other than she can't drink any liquids until after the challenge. She will also be wearing gloves while attempting it.

After Molly and a helper unwrap all of the chips, Molly gets right into this unbelievably intense challenge, attempting to eat 47 of these insanely spicy chips.

"This looks like absolute death and I really don't honestly want to eat this" -Molly Schuyler


After her live stream, Molly takes a 10-minute break and returns with another live stream titled: AFTERMATH PAQUI ONE CHIP CHALLENGE #fail.

Molly lets her viewers know that she is okay after such a spicy feat. She even answers viewers' questions.

Molly Schuyler truly is a legendary competitive eater and always makes her videos entertaining and captivating while making the impossible seem possible. Go, Molly, go!

Follow Molly: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Photo credit: Molly Schuyler


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