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  • Thomas Twombly

Mike Jack Eats Heat Announces New Television Show

Mike Jack Eats Heat is a vegan speed eater from Canada. He is known for doing spicy food challenges. Some of these challenges include the hottest peppers on the planet. Mike has multiple Guinness World Records titles, and most of them include eating hot peppers. Mike is always composed when doing these challenges, and I often wonder how much training and focus it takes to withstand the pain on the path to hopeful victory.


Credit: Mike Jack Eats Heat



On March 4th, Mike posted on his Facebook page that he is filming a television show for Rogers TV London in Canada called "Jack Up the Heat." Mike also posted this message to restaurants in the London, Ontario, area that he is searching for restaurants to feature on his show. He also stated that whether it's tacos, poutine, or burgers, he's willing to take on any fiery food opponent he can get his hands on. Lastly, Mike encouraged his fans to tag their favorite restaurants on social media in the London, Ontario, area to spread the word about Mike and his new show.


With his exciting television adventures coming soon, Mike continues to post videos to YouTube, where he has over 28,000 subscribers that watch him take on challenges. Mike also posts videos that feature his wife, Jamie, who helps with management, social media, challenge preparation, and more.

Mike also has his own hot sauce by Dawson's Hot Sauce called "Mike Jack Eats Heat - Tropical Fury Hot Sauce." The website ranks the hot sauce as a 9/10 on their heat meter.

You can follow Mike Jack Eats Heat on social media below to keep up with the latest on his upcoming television show and watch him take on some of the hottest challenges ever created.


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Photo credit: Mike Jack Eats Heat

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