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Max vs Food: Taking Food Challenges to the Next Level

Max vs Food (Max Stanford) is a competitive eater and food adventurer from the United Kingdom. Max is currently ranked #1 by the British Eating League.


Max launched his YouTube channel in 2010, with a set goal of taking food challenges to the next level. He has taken on some serious food challenges, including 100 fish sticks and 5,000 calories worth of donuts. Max also took on a wing challenge that benefited a local charity.



Max vs Food combines competitiveness, humor, enthusiasm, and passion with his food challenges. His narrations also add to his videos, making it seem like you are talking to him about these epic food challenges while he takes them on. Max also participates in many collaborations with other competitive eaters, adding to the fun of the videos while making sure to promote everyone involved.


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Photo credit: Max vs Food

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