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Max Stanford and Leah Shutkever Attempt Polo Bar's Pancake Menu Food Challenge in London, England

Pancakes. Light, fluffy, and delicious, there are so many reasons to get excited about them. They are so versatile, and there are many ways to combine them with other foods. Food challenges involving pancakes have been increasing in popularity over the years, with many videos on the internet showing people taking on gigantic stacks of them.


Polo Bar has been serving delicious breakfast since 1959, just outside of Liverpool Street Station. Polo Bar is open 24/7 and offers great food, drinks, and lots of fun. The restaurant delivers fresh food anywhere in the city of London, ensuring that you get delicious food whenever hunger strikes. The restaurant also features a pancake tower food challenge.


Max Stanford (Max vs. Food) and Leah Shutkever have had lots of experience with pancake challenges. They are known for their eating abilities, and both have many achievements in the world of competitive eating. Max and Leah met at Polo Bar in London, England, to take on their pancake menu challenge.

Max begins the video by saying that Leah got him into competitive eating by hosting a charity event that he attended. He loved it so much that he started doing food challenges of his own and filming them, eventually meeting up with Leah to take on this epic food challenge.

After a countdown from three, Max and Leah start working towards victory, with Leah already taking down the full English breakfast pancake stack in under 2 minutes. This challenge is already starting strong, but with so many sweets and just 15 minutes, you might find yourself wondering if Max and Leah could show this challenge who's boss. Check out their attempt below!



Max and Leah exhibited such professionalism in this food challenge collaboration. Both of them are incredibly talented when it comes to eating, and they always have fun with each challenge that they take on. The only question now is, what will they take on next?


Photo credit: Max vs. Food

Source: Polo Bar

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