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  • Thomas Twombly

Matt Stonie Launches ‘Stonie Bowls’ Restaurants in California, New York

Matt Stonie is a household name when it comes to competitive eating. Hailing from San Jose, California, Matt began his competitive eating career in 2010 when he was 17 years old. Matt participated in a lobster roll eating contest in New Hampshire, winning $1,000 by eating as many lobster rolls as he could handle. Matt didn't just win the money, however. He also realized he had a unique talent that would take him very far in the years following this contest.


Matt soon began uploading videos to YouTube where he would take on restaurant challenges and eating contests. He also started collaborating with other YouTubers, often taking on team food challenges. Matt eventually started a second YouTube channel that would become his main, Matt Stonie. Matt's videos of epic eats and a passion for food challenges soon began to take social media and the internet by storm, being shared by celebrities and fans alike.

Matt started gaining steady traction with his videos, gaining 100,000 subscribers on YouTube by November of 2013. Matt continued to produce eating videos and eventually entered Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, held by Major League Eating. Matt won the 2015 contest, beating the previous champion Joey "Jaws" Chestnut.

Matt is currently ranked #4 by Major League Eating.



Matt has continued to keep pace with consistent food challenge and eating contest videos. He has gained over 15 million subscribers and received over three billion views on his channel as of the writing of this article.



Recently, Matt launched "Stonie Bowls" restaurants, which serve up Matt's poke bowls concepts. The restaurants expand across multiple states and feature different menu options like spicy tuna, stuffed truffle avocado bowls, and a "BYO" (Bring Your Own) bowl, where diners get their choice of toppings and other options. The Stonie Bowls website features online ordering, delivery through Grubhub, and a review section, where you can write about your experience at one of their locations. You can also become a VIP on the website by signing up to receive updates for specials offers, rewards, and more.


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