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Katina Eats Kilos: Professional Eater and Entertainer (Part 2)

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Welcome to our second interview with professional eater and entertainer Katina Eats Kilos!

From the early bodybuilding days in her hometown of Spokane, Washington, to dominating food challenges in multiple countries, Katina has become well known for her humor, personality, and dedication to being a professional eater and entertainer. This combination has propelled her into the spotlight, with her Kilo Crew fans right alongside her on every step of her journey.

Since we last spoke with her almost two years ago, Katina has continued to gain popularity on social media, with her brand reaching hundreds of thousands on multiple platforms, including almost 700,000 subscribers and millions of views on her YouTube channel.

It doesn't stop online, though. Katina also draws crowds at food challenge appearances, offering fans and spectators a live and behind-the-scenes experience of Katina Eats Kilos.



In this interview, we'll be examining more of Katina's eating adventures, discussing the most intimidating food challenge she's attempted, her thoughts on getting sick during a challenge, and more!

Let's get into it!


FCN: Have you ever teamed up with a fan to take on a food challenge or provided coaching to a fan for one? If not, would you consider it?

Katina: Yes, in Florida, I teamed up with a fella formerly named "NudeFoodDude" who wore only an apron over shorts - lol...we did a 5lb Cuban pizza challenge together at Havana Nights Cuban Pizza in Port Saint Lucie.



FCN: If you get sick during a food challenge or eating contest, how do you recover while maintaining positive energy for your audience?

Katina: I haven't yet been sick in front of an audience at a challenge, I try not to let it get that far since I mostly do these challenges for fun and entertainment. But I have certainly had moments where I had to "run away" after huge challenges and only a couple of times during, and I have been lucky enough to be supported by the audience and not felt too harshly judged. Getting sick happens, and I think it needs to stop being so taboo to talk about. 

Obviously, I don't encourage or condone forcing it on purpose...but big challenges can take a toll on the body, and if it rejects rejects it. I try to be as open as possible with folks on this one.

FCN: What is the biggest and most intimidating food challenge that you have attempted?

Katina: The most intimidating food challenge I have ever done was probably the massive "Godfather" breakfast challenge at Tony's Bistro in Cork, Ireland. It was just SO much food, I mean, it barely fit on a table...and I was still VERY full from a big 8lb brisket burger challenge the night before.



FCN: What is the most unique prize you have won from a food challenge or eating contest?

Katina: The most unique prize? Hmm...I won an apron from a pizza challenge in Sydney...that was pretty cool! Other than that, it is always neat to win groovy hats or hoodies.

FCN: Have you ever considered describing your food challenge experiences in a book after years of traveling around the world attempting them?

Katina: I thought about writing a book, actually, but I am much too descriptive of a writer when I get going, and so I think the lighthearted comedic feeling I would be going for would be much too wordy for the average reader. My vocabulary can get ridiculously pretentious <-- humble brag?

TLDR; no I probably shouldn't write an autobiography.

FCN: In addition to taking on food challenges, you also interact with your audience by live-streaming video games online. Is it refreshing to mix up your content and engage with your audience differently?

Katina: I've fallen head over heels for streaming on Twitch. It is such a cool and personalized experience. I've gotten to interact with my audience in ways I could only achieve during live food challenge events, but I can do it from the comfort of my own home while in the food challenge off-season. It is neat to let my nerdy freak flag fly and play games and just geek out about World of Warcraft with my viewers. It's also amazing to chat with new folks as well! Not necessarily a food challenge audience, just gamers in general. I'm loving it!


FCN: Where do you see the "Katina Eats Kilos" brand in five years?

Katina: I see my brand mostly following unique/large eats around the world and not necessarily exclusive to food challenges. Having on-and-off seasons of eating is pretty taxing on my body and my mentality around food, so it would be nice to just have a bit more fun and avoid going full-on "challenge" mode and just focus on finding super cool and unique food spots with my viewers. I don't think my passion for food will ever's such a keystone part of society that brings everyone together - and I truly respect it for that.


Katina Eats Kilos, Katina Eats Kilos real name, Katina DeJarnett, food challenges, competitive eating, big food challenges, eating contests


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