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Jwebby Can Eat Takes on Food Challenges and Eating Contests in the United States

Credit: JWebby Can Eat


JWebby Can Eat (James Webb) is a competitive eater from Sydney, Australia. James discovered his talent for eating when he destroyed a food challenge at a hotel in Australia that 55 other people had failed. After the victory, James secured many more food challenge victories around Sydney, Australia.

He also launched a professional website that includes upcoming challenges, events, and the opportunity to book him to take on your restaurant's food challenge.

James originally started on TikTok, quickly gaining followers after his food videos got shared in a short amount of time. Viewers could not fathom how he takes food down so efficiently.

James posts videos of himself taking on food challenges and trying foods for the first time. He has garnered over 500,000 followers and 6.3 million likes on TikTok as of the writing of this article.

James live streams many of his food challenges and eating contests, where his fans can tune in and cheer him on live. Fans can also donate to him and, in some cases, send him messages of encouragement as he takes on the challenge before them.


Recently, James flew to the United States to take on more food challenges and compete in a Major League Eating (MLE) Pizza Contest, where he placed second. James also competed in a sweet corn eating contest, where he ate 38 ears of corn, placing sixth overall.

James also took on The Fleet Admiral's Challenge at Patriot Sandwich Company in Denton, TX, finishing the beast in ten minutes and six seconds.

James brought his girlfriend, Kate, along for the food journey to the United States. Kate helps with promotion and behind-the-scenes work. Kate also monitors the live stream and camera so James can focus on the challenge.

James took on a few more food challenges in the United States, even going through Florida, Texas, and Mississippi. After this successful run, James returned to Sydney, Australia, to refuel for his next food adventure.



JWebby Can Eat continuously proves that dedication to doing what you love can go a long way. His eating technique and speed continue to improve with every challenge and contest he takes on. It will be exciting to see what food challenge or eating contest he dominates next.


Photo Credits: JWebby Can Eat

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