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Josh: The Goat Creates Signature Sandwich After Setting Food Challenge Record in New Jersey

Burger Challenge, Cheeseburger Food Challenge Pennsylvania
Josh "The Goat" Krady is a competitive eater and YouTuber from Pennsylvania.



Food challenge journey began in 2020.

70+ food challenge wins to date.

2,000+ subscribers on YouTube.

Refers to fans as his "Goatie Gang."

Passionate about food.



Recently, Josh went on another food challenge adventure in Hamilton Square, New Jersey.

Looking to secure his 66th overall food challenge win, Josh visited Little King Sandwich Shop, a family-owned restaurant serving sandwiches, salads, soups, and more.



Big King Sandwich Challenge, Sandwich Challenge, Sandwich food challenge
Whole double-stuffed Italian hoagie with the works, a large bag of potato chips, a medium container of macaroni salad, and one root beer.


Challengers have just 45 minutes to take everything down but do not get the meal for free if they complete the challenge. Winners go on the restaurant's Wall of Fame, receive a t-shirt, and get a gift card from the restaurant for the value of the meal.



From the title of this article, you know that Josh not only finished the challenge but also got the chance to create his very own sandwich after obtaining a new record time for the challenge. (14m:59s)

Food Challenge News talked to "The Goat" about his food challenge victory and his thoughts on creating the epic sandwich.

"I was super happy to win the challenge and beat the current record. I also finished it in under 15 minutes, which I wanted to do!" -Josh "The Goat" Krady.

Josh also shared the story about the name of this delicious-looking sandwich.

While on a food challenge tour in the United Kingdom, he met up with fellow competitive eater Max Stanford (Max vs Food) in London, England, to attempt a food challenge. Max accidentally called him "Josh The Joat," which mixes "Josh" and "Goat" together.

Inspired by this, Josh named the sandwich "The Joat."


Big King Sandwich Challenge, Sandwich Challenge, Sandwich food challenge
The Joat: Seeded Roll, Peppered Ham, Honey Molasses Turkey, Bacon, Sharp Provolone Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, Pickle Slices, Macaroni Salad, Russian Dressing


Big King Sandwich Challenge, Sandwich Challenge, Sandwich food challenge


Josh "The Goat" Krady continues on his path to 100 food challenge wins and beyond. He frequently posts on social media and his website, updating fans on where he will be next.

Goat, Go!


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