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  • Thomas Twombly

Joel Hansen Versus the Burn - Hottest Carolina Reaper Six Wings Challenge

Joel Hansen traveled to Dearborn, Michigan, stopping at Noah's Smokehouse to take on their fiery Carolina Reaper Six Wings Challenge.


Joel Hansen is a former fitness model from Canada that started his YouTube channel in 2017. Since then, he has garnered over fifty-five million views, documenting his travels and food challenges alike. To date, he has 242 official food challenge wins and holds the Guinness World Record for the most ice cream eaten in thirty seconds.


In his most recent YouTube video, Joel went to the heart of the Midwest to Dearborn, Michigan, home to Noah's Smokehouse. Noah's is known for their great barbeque, tacos, sandwiches, and more, but they also offer something fierce. Noah's has a fiery wing challenge that features the hottest pepper in the world, including added extract. About the challenge: • You have to eat six of their scorching Carolina Reaper wings in five minutes, with nothing to drink. • After consuming the six wings, you have to sit for five minutes in agony. • Winners get a picture on the wall of fame and a t-shirt.


Joel kicks off the video by explaining where he is while explaining the challenge itself, including the rules and what's expected of challengers. Inside the restaurant, he seems optimistic but also appears to know this will not be an easy challenge. He even gives a heartfelt message to his mother, stating that "I'm sorry that you have to watch me die this way."


Putting on some gloves to prevent spice burns and taking two sips of water before the timer begins, Joel boards the spice train and delves right into it. By the first three wings, Joel is already having a tough time with the heat level. Even in pain, he continues, hoping that the end is in sight. After polishing off all six inferno wings with a time of three minutes and six seconds, he's done with the eating portion of the challenge. Can Joel survive the five-minute afterburn? Watch below to find out!



I have been watching Joel for a very long time and I'm often impressed by the massive food challenges he is willing to take on with a smile and enthusiasm. He went into this intense challenge with such force and pushed his limits. It's no wonder why his YouTube channel has 260,000 loyal subscribers that are willing to go on every journey with him, cheering him on along the way.

You can keep up with Joel's travel and food adventures on his Instagram, Facebook, and website. He also has merch for sale and frequently updates his schedule, letting viewers know where he will be next.


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