• Thomas Twombly

IT'S A TIE at Z-Burger's Twelfth Annual Independence Burger Eating Championships!

Z-Burger in Washington, D.C. held its twelfth annual Independence Burger Eating Championship contest on Friday, July 2, 2021.

Z-Burger is a popular hamburger chain in the Washington, D.C. area, offering delicious burgers, fresh-cut fries, handspun shakes, and more. They are also home to the annual Z-Burger Independence Burger Eating Championships. Molly Schuyler is the sixth-time reigning Z-Burger Independence Burger Eating Champion as of 2021. Eating 35 burgers within the allotted ten minutes, Molly took home the title and grand prize of $1,250 in 2020. The prize for winning the competition depends on what rank you place based on how many burgers you consume.

The prize breakdown for this year was as follows: • First place- $1,750 • Second place- $1,000 • Third place- $750 • Fourth place- $500 • Fifth place- $250 • Sixth place- $100


The competition was held in Tenleytown, located at 4321 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., and started at noon, local time. The event was streamed live by Reuters. For attending, audience members were treated to free burgers after the contest was over. The announcer added some humor while explaining the rules of the event, before announcing the competitors.

As the competition started, competitors began eating as many delicious Z-Burger's as possible. With music playing in the background and competitors chowing down on their burgers, we couldn't believe how many burgers were consumed at such a fast pace. It quickly became a close tie between Molly Schuyler and Dan "Killer" Kennedy, going burger to burger, one after the other. The other competitors kept their pace, resulting in a very intense competition.

As the competition concluded, the crowd applauded the contestants, while the announcer explained that the judges have verified the burgers eaten by each contestant. With a first-ever tie for the title, Molly Schuyler and Dan "Killer" Kennedy consumed 34 burgers each within the allotted ten minutes.


Winners third through seventh were: 3rd: Ricardo Corbucci- 22 burgers eaten 4th: Andrew Puhl- 21 burgers eaten 5th: Sean "The Mouth Eats" Yeager- 17 burgers eaten 6th: Dan Ross- 9 burgers eaten 7th (Tie): Alex Prescott- 8 burgers eaten 7th (Tie): Terence Brown - 8 burgers eaten

After concluding a short interview with new co-champions Molly and Dan, the announcer took questions from the audience for a live Q&A (question and answer) session with some of the contestants.

The twelfth annual Z-Burger Independence Burger Eating Championships was an exciting and historic food event to watch, resulting in the first-ever tie between new co-champions, Molly Schuyler and Dan "Killer" Kennedy.


Though it was just yesterday, we can't wait to see what the thirteenth annual Z-Burger Independence Burger Eating Championships will hold!