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INTERVIEW: JWebby Can Eat on Competitive Eating, Social Media, and Memorable Moments

JWebby Can Eat food challenges, eating contests, eat challenge.


We are back for another interview with JWebby Can Eat! (You can view the first one here.)

JWebby's story of his ascent into the competitive eating scene has granted him unique opportunities and fueled his determination to continue following a food journey that started with a burger challenge at a hotel a few years ago.

Since we left him, JWebby has become Australia's #1 competitive eater, and he has worked tirelessly to keep training and pushing himself to win more challenges and contests than ever before. He has recently left his job to pursue competitive eating full-time.

Let's get into the interview!


FCN: Hi again, JWebby! Thank you for chatting with us again! What have you been up to recently?

JWebby: Thank you for having me! The last couple of months have been a whirlwind! Kate and I got engaged, and I've eaten my way around Turkey. I just got back from the UAE, and soon I'll be off to the States to compete.

FCN: Can you tell us about a time when you had a difficult experience during a food challenge or eating contest? How did you handle it?

JWebby: I've been lucky enough to not have choked on food. I have had water go down the wrong way. You just need to keep calm. When you panic is when you either choke or just waste time trying to recover, so I just try to keep eating and do a small cough here and there to clear the way.

FCN: You have also started a podcast called "Bloated." Could you tell us more about it?

JWebby: Bloated was something Dany and I started in Turkey. He is a videographer, and he joined me on that trip. It was basically so he could interview me on the run and find out more about competitive eating. Then it kind of turned into story time and recounting our days.

I plan to keep it rolling once I'm back from the UAE and recount my trip, then I will talk about future plans. It’s fun, and people seem to listen!



FCN: You are close to one million followers on your TikTok account. What is one thing you've learned from being active on social media in the competitive eating community?

JWebby: Yes, it is unbelievable! Something that started as a bit of fun during lockdown to this! It’s crazy! The biggest thing I’ve learned is that if it brings a smile to your face and you enjoy it, then do it! I love food. Competitive eating and social media have presented me with unbelievable opportunities.

You’re always going to get hate, and you can’t please everybody. Just don’t let that affect your smile and enjoyment!

FCN: Can you share a funny or memorable moment that happened to you during a food challenge or eating contest?

JWebby: I have two very memorable moments.

The first is competing at Nathan's 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island.

The second is Meatstock Sydney 2022. I was on stage next to my good friend Scotty "The Wolf of Eat Street," and I was cruising comfortably in the lead. Then some water went down the wrong way, and as I started to cough, Scotty put down his sausage sizzle and gave me a few good hits on the back to help me clear my airway, costing us both eating time. I went on to win by one sausage sizzle, and then it was announced that I was the new number one eater in the country, in front of my family and many friends.

I'll never forget this moment for two reasons: Scotty putting me before him in a contest and my family getting to see me crowned number one.


FCN: When you take on a food challenge at a restaurant, do you get reactions from people?

JWebby: Always. (Laughs). Some people love it and cheer you on! Others look at you in complete disgust or get up and leave.



FCN: How do you decide which food challenges or eating contests to participate in?

JWebby: I will do any contest or food challenge! But it depends on the location mostly and if I need to plan a tour/trip to attempt or complete a challenge.

FCN: What food challenge required the most rest afterward?

JWebby: To be honest, any food challenge over 5kg (11 lbs) requires a nap. (Laughs).


JWebby Can Eat food challenges, eating contests, eat challenge.


FCN: Are there any challenges or contests you still need to tackle and would like to in the future?

JWebby: Yes. I want to compete and take on more challenges in America and continue doing my thing and putting us Aussies on the map in the eating world!

FCN: What is the next chapter for JWebby Can Eat?

JWebby: I'm off to America to compete and do some challenges in six weeks, and then hopefully, the big dance: Nathan's 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest!


Photo Credits: JWebby Can Eat

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DISCLAIMER: The content and challenges listed in this article are for informational purposes only. Do your own research and exercise caution if you are thinking about attempting a food challenge or eating contest (including spicy food challenges and eating contests). It is at your own risk.


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