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Greg "The Savage" Wilson Battles Iron Man Breakfast Challenge in Texas

Greg "The Savage" Wilson is a competitive eater and YouTuber, ranked 24th in the world by Major League Eating.


Greg "The Savage" Wilson food challenge, eating contest


Meet Greg "The Savage" Wilson. He is a competitive eater and YouTuber who got his inspiration for eating competitively after watching videos online and following competitive eaters who took on food challenges and eating contests.

Greg was living in North Carolina and eventually moved to Texas in 2019. When he settled in, he researched food challenges and eating contests locally, deciding which ones he wanted to take down while claiming the rewards that accompanied them.


Since Texas is a hotspot for delicious food, it was likely that there would be plenty of opportunities for Greg to attempt all kinds of food challenges and eating contests.


Greg "The Savage" Wilson food challenge, eating contest


In June 2019, Major League Eating visited Austin, Texas, and held a donut eating contest.

Greg signed up and was selected to be in the contest, where he would face off against some of the best eaters in the world. He ate over 120 powdered donuts in just six minutes, placing fifth overall in the contest.

Greg won $250 from his performance in the contest and would later sign a contract with Major League Eating. He would also take on the stage name of "The Savage."


After the contest, Greg began attempting food challenges all over Texas. He started a YouTube channel to document these challenges and uploaded his first YouTube video on June 7th, 2020. He visited Dave's Burger Barn in Waco, Texas, and attempted their food challenge known as the "Zipper Ripper."


The "Zipper Ripper" features a three-pound burger with five beef patties, five slices of cheese, bacon, vegetables, and a choice of dressing. It also comes with a pound of fries and a 32-ounce drink.

Challengers have only 12 minutes to take it down, which means that if someone wanted to attempt this challenge, they would have to race against the clock while eating a few pounds of food.

If challengers complete it, they get the meal for free, a t-shirt, and go up on the restaurant's Wall of Fame. If the challenge attempt results in a loss, challengers end up with nothing and have to pay the restaurant $30. Oh yeah, their photo also ends up on the restaurant's Wall of Shame to be seen by all who enter. I know which outcome I would want!


Despite the fast time limit, Greg decided to take on the challenge and put his research and skills to the test. But could he complete it?



Fast forward to 2023, and Greg still loves taking on food challenges and eating contests. He has gained even more eating experience over the past couple of years and achieved around 150 food challenge wins in addition to multiple eating contest victories. He is also currently ranked 24th in the world by Major League Eating and holds multiple food records.


Recently, Greg took on a massive breakfast challenge in Spring, Texas, at the Broken Yolk Cafe. The challenge consisted of a twelve-egg omelet smothered with cheese, chili, mushrooms, and onions. There's also a pile of fries and two biscuits to make it even more of a challenge.

Greg had one hour to take down the Iron Man breakfast challenge to get the $40 meal for free, a t-shirt, and his spot on the Wall of Fame.

It ended up being the battle of the breakfast challenge versus "The Savage." Who do you think won?



You can keep up with Greg "The Savage" Wilson on Facebook, where he posts "The Savage" updates, challenges, contests, and collaborations with other eaters.


Photo credit: Greg Wilson

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