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From 80’s Metal Band Vocalist to Hot Sauce Reviewer: The Story of Tasting The Heat

Tasting The Heat is a website that reviews and promotes hot sauces and spicy food products.


Are you ready to rock? Want to discuss hot sauce? If you answered yes to both of these questions, turn up the volume to your favorite playlist and grab the hottest sauce you got, we're jumping right into the fiery and fun story of Tasting The Heat!


Our journey starts in the 1980s. Kendall Stadler was the vocalist of Herazz, a band known for their high energy and hard-hitting sound.

Kendall did several tours with Herazz and wrote a few albums with them throughout this time.

Even though he had a passion for being an energetic vocalist, Kendall also realized he had another one, spicy foods.

Many years later, Kendall decided to change things up a bit, finding out that he wanted to tell the world about the best spicy foods, ones that were so good that you want to tell everyone you know about them.



Tasting The Heat

Tasting The Heat was launched in 2015 by Kendall and his wife, Tracy. The website lets the world know about many different hot sauces and spicy food products while promoting the companies that produce them.

Kendall does reviews of these spicy food products as well, but he goes just one step further. Instead of just doing a taste test, he takes his time with each product and even uses them when he cooks to get the best possible flavor and description of the item. That's what I call dedication. He also makes sure to remind his readers and listeners where they can find the products he's reviewing.

In fact, Kendall loves spicy foods so much that he once attempted a spicy bubblegum challenge that clocked in at 16 million Scoville heat units. (SHU)

Tracy also plays a big role in Tasting The Heat. She helps with preparing spicy foods, promotion, and overall behind-the-scenes work. She has also appeared in an interview talking about Tasting The Heat.




In 2018, after doing quite a bit of reviewing these products, Kendall and Tracy attended the Hot Sauce Expo in Chicago, Illinois, and had a spicy idea. They decided that it was time to make their very own Tasting The Heat hot sauce, the first of its kind.

Shortly after, they teamed up with the company Angry Irishman and just like that, "Dill-licious" was born. It has been reviewed and featured on many YouTube channels that review hot sauces and other spicy foods.

In 2019, Kendall won the Global Hot Sauce Award's reviewer of the year and the Carl Wallbank Community Spirit Award, held in Australia.


Today, you can find Kendall and Tracy keeping Tasting The Heat and their love for spicy foods alive and well on

Kendall also hosts Tasting The Heat Live on Sundays at 8:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time) on Facebook, where he talks about his different experiences with hot sauces and the topic of spicy foods in general. The show is also available on YouTube.


Kendall and Tracy work hard on Tasting The Heat, whether they are reviewing a hot sauce or hanging out on the live show. Kendall gives off the impression that he is that cool guy that lives next door that is into great music and spicy foods. Tracy is beside him every step of the way, always willing to prepare the spiciest foods possible and even try them too!

Keep it up, Tasting The Heat!


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Photo credit: Tasting The Heat

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