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FOOD and the BEAST: Competitive Eater and Food Reviewer


FOOD and the BEAST is a competitive eater and YouTuber from the United Kingdom.


FOOD and the BEAST food challenge, eating contest


Like many, FOOD and the BEAST began to post food content on social media a few years ago.

Whether at home, in his vehicle, or standing outside a restaurant, F&B would bring viewers on a virtual food adventure while discussing everything he loved about food.

While he loved doing this, F&B desired more of a challenge when it came to food. He brought a camera with him and filmed his first food challenge at a restaurant named Foulis in June of 2021.



Unfortunately, he did not complete the challenge. However, it awoke the BEAST, and he started his food challenge journey soon after that. He wanted to take on even more food challenges and avenge this loss.

He researched food challenges locally and posted updates on social media, letting fans know where he would be eating next. He also started incorporating food reviews and eating contests into the video rotation on his YouTube channel.



FOOD and the BEAST was becoming known for food challenges, eating contests, and his love of food. Viewers by the hundreds were tuning in to see where F&B would be next.

He would also be ranked third overall by the British Eating League in their 2020 eating season for competing in various eating contests sanctioned by the League. Regardless of what he would be eating, he always gave 100% of the effort and remained humble throughout every eating contest.



FOOD and the BEAST attracted media attention in 2022 when he set a world record by eating 21 Greggs Sausage Rolls in 30 minutes. It further showed the world that FOOD and the BEAST was a new competitor on the food scene and a very humble one at that.



FOOD and the BEAST GREGG'S sausage roll world record


These days, you can catch FOOD and the BEAST on social media, where he continues to post food reviews, challenges, photos, and brand updates.

We can't wait to see what he eats next!


Photo Credits: FOOD and the BEAST.

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