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Eat Feats: The Competitive Eating Database

Eat Feats is a database focusing on news, statistics, calendar events, and more in the world of competitive eating.


Fast Facts about Eat Feats

  • Eat Feats was founded in 2005 as a blog dedicated to reporting on all things competitive eating.

  • The website contains information on various food challenges, competitive eaters, rankings, earnings, contests, and more.

  • They list around 50,000 worldwide eating contests.

  • Eat Feats has been credited in interviews with various competitive eaters, including Molly Schuyler.


Bonus fact: Eric "Badlands Chugs" Booker, a competitive eater ranked #23 in Major League Eating, wrote a song titled "Eat Feats" that was released as part of his 2009 album, "Extended Play."


Eat Feats is an impressive website that has not only aided competitive eaters but those looking to enjoy keeping up with their favorite eaters and wanting to know more about competitive eating.

I am often amazed by how extensive Eat Feats' database is. Do you want the latest competitive eating contest results? You got it. How about how much a competitive eater earned for a contest? You got it!

Eat Feats has been running for 17 years, never missing a beat on the ever-evolving world of competitive eating.


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Source: Eat Feats

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