• Thomas Twombly

"Steel Rod" Radim Dvořáček to Take on Ten Cheeseburgers in Poland

Radim Dvořáček is a competitive eater from the Czech Republic, starting in 2015 and winning over 200 food challenges. He uploads food challenges and eating videos to his YouTube channel, garnering over 100,000 devoted subscribers. Radim has taken on some of the biggest food challenges, including an eight-pound team burger challenge with Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark.


Recently, Radim posted to his Facebook page that on August 25th, he will be in Płock, Poland, at Family American Food by Olek. He will be taking on their Ten Cheeseburgers challenge, having sixty minutes to finish. He will also be able to win up to 1000 PLN cash (255 USD).


Radim is an excellent food challenger and will surely give an exciting effort for this massive food challenge. We are rooting for team Radim!

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