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  • Thomas Twombly

Da Garbage Disposal Takes on a Donut Speed Eating Challenge in Missouri

Brandon “Da Garbage Disposal” Clark is a competitive eater with over 62,000 subscribers on YouTube. Starting his channel in January of 2014, Brandon has conquered over 300 food challenges. He has taken on massive pizzas, burgers, desserts, and more.

Recently, Brandon traveled to Branson, MO, to take on the Hurts Donut "Big Mouth" challenge. This two-pound donut is massive, but what takes the cake (donut?) is that he only has 90 seconds to demolish this beast of a dessert.


At the establishment, Brandon explains that there was a line waiting on their delicious donuts. I felt like I was right there next to Da Garbage Disposal himself, ready to order the most delectable donuts imaginable. In case you were wondering, yes, they even have BACON donuts!

After explaining the challenge to his "Disposal team members," Brandon states that the restaurant only knows of only one other individual who completed the challenge, that being Hungry Hazzard.


With a touch of his trusty timer, Da Garbage Disposal does what he does best, demolishing food challenges. How fast did Brandon complete this monster of a donut? If I were you, I would watch below!



Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark is no stranger to epic food challenges. Always wanting to have a good time, Brandon makes you feel as if you were there, eating alongside him or attending as an in-person spectator.

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Photo credit: Brandon Clark


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