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Crust & Crumble: Pizzeria, Bakery, and Food Challenges

We're back with more food challenges, but with a twist! For this epic food challenge adventure, we must first travel to Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Crust & Crumble is a pizzeria and bakery specializing in pizza, baked goods, sandwiches, soups, salads, appetizers, and much more.

The restaurant was opened in 2008 by Luke and his wife, Crystal. (You can read their origin story here.) Their vision of a pizzeria and bakery proved successful, and they further expanded by adding a multitude of menu options and even started catering.


Crust & Crumble offers traditional, gluten-free, and vegan menus. (There is even a secret menu, assuming you know the password.) If you're lucky enough on your visit, you may even get to hold the coveted "Golden Pizza."

The restaurant also features movie packages, where customers can visit the restaurant for a movie-themed night and arrive in costume. The movie nights feature tons of food and even a custom-built car you can sit in with friends and family while you eat and watch movies. Staff will also wear costumes for the occasion, and the menus are even themed specifically for the event.


Crust & Crumble also offers the "Mount Vesuvius" challenge, a unique pizza challenge that can be attempted with a partner or solo. This pizza has everything to make it over-the-top delicious, but you'll have to keep reading to find out more!


The "Mount Vesuvius" Challenge

The "Mount Vesuvius" Pizza Challenge consists of an 18" pizza, mozzarella sticks, chicken parmesan, and a vodka sauce that is placed in the middle of the pizza. (They even light it for you!)

This challenge costs $50 to attempt if ordered from the traditional menu and $60 if ordered from the vegan menu. If you are successful, you get the $50 or $60 back in gift certificates.

If you attempt it solo, you have a 35-minute time limit to conquer the pizza. If you and a partner team up against this beast, you have 25 minutes.

If you are successful, you get a Crust & Crumble t-shirt (two if you complete it as a team), gift certificates (which can be split between you and your partner if requested), and your photo (or team photo) on their Hall of Fame.

Regardless of success, challengers will get a t-shirt and stickers for attempting the challenge.

There have been close to ten attempts for this challenge. Two of those were successful.


*The only attempt at the challenge (on video) we could find was by Megabyte Ronnie and Jeff Cannonball.


The Super Cat Challenge

The Super Cat Sandwich Food Challenge at Crust & Crumble


"The Super Cat" Team Sandwich Challenge consists of two massive "Fat Cat" sandwiches and an order of "Francho's." (Nachos with fries instead of chips, which now includes chorizo and ranch.)

This challenge is only available for teams of two and is only available from the vegan menu. It costs $50 to attempt the challenge, and teams have only 30 minutes to take down the sandwiches and "Francho's."

The sandwiches can be any combination from their vegan menu, including The Original Coal, Smoke Stack Lightning, The Gustav, Bo-BQ, Captain Jack, and Althea.

If your team is successful, you get two Crust & Crumble t-shirts, gift certificates, your team photo on their Hall of Fame, and other small prizes.

This challenge remains UNDEFEATED. There have also been no attempts for this challenge to date.


Here at Food Challenge News, we are constantly looking for epic food challenges. (You could even say that we're PASSIONATE about it!)

Now that we have covered the two unique food challenges featured at Crust & Crumble, it leaves us wondering what other food challenges remain undefeated.

I will let you think about it. I'm going to grab some pizza!


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