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  • Cherish "5 Pounds" Brown

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball...Subs!

Hey, everyone - Cherish, here - and welcome to another installment of Colossal Food Challenges!

For this edition, we’ll be cruising on over to the southside of Chicago, home to some of the world’s tallest buildings and wackiest food challenges.


Hungry for some meatballs? How about 40 of them? Throw them on a 3-foot-long loaf of French Bread along with various other toppings, and you will have Bartolini’s 10-Pound Meatball Sandwich Challenge.

Bartolini’s has been drawing customers into Chicago since opening its doors in 1995 after creating a meatball so spectacular that it has since been deemed one of the nation’s best. The restaurant has been featured on multiple television shows, such as Food Paradise, Outrageous Food, and Chicago’s Best Enormous Eats.

Several notable professional eaters have even taken on the challenge, including Randy Santel, Magic Mitch, "Steel Rod" Radim Dvořáček, and Molly Schuyler, who also currently holds the solo record at an astounding 6 minutes and 51 seconds!

Check out their videos below!



The Bartolini’s 10-Pound Meatball Sandwich Challenge


The Facts

● This colossal sandwich consists of 5 pounds of world-famous Bartolini Meatballs on a 3-foot loaf of French Bread topped with 1.5 pounds of gravy, 1.5 pounds of melted cheese, and 1 pound of roasted green peppers, clocking in at a whopping 10 pounds of gooey deliciousness.

● It costs $75.00 to attempt this challenge, but if you or your team can finish in the allotted time frame, the meal is free!

● You can either take this on solo or as a 2, 3, or even 4-person challenge, all with varying time limits.

● If your team can beat the current four-person team record of 4 minutes and 41 seconds, you win $500.00. Beat the current solo record of 6 minutes and 51 seconds, and you win $1000.00! (Don’t forget about the legendary Sweet T-Shirts and your picture on the Wall of Fame!)


If you’re in the mood for a challenge or just plain hungry, Bartolini’s is located in Midlothian, Illinois, and the Bartolini Brothers would love to have you! To schedule a go at this colossal challenge, all you need to do is call 708-396-2333. Just make sure there haven’t been any recent fires in the area. Oh, but that’s a story for another time. Arrivederci!


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Article by Cherish "5 Pounds" Brown


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