Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Food Challenge News started?

Food Challenge News was started because of a passion for food challenges and keeping up with the latest about all types of food challenges and competitive eating.

What is a food challenge?

The definition of a food challenge is where you receive a specific prize for the completion of a specific meal or quantity of food (food and/or drink), while following the specific rules and regulations of the restaurant or food vendor that is offering the food challenge. Credit

How can I find a food challenge near me?

You can check out our challenges page. We feature a searchable map listing food challenges all over the world, courtesy of

What should I know before attempting an eating competition or food challenge?

As competitive eating/food challenges can be dangerous, there are precautions you should take when attempting/taking on an eating competition or food challenge. You should research each contest/restaurant's rules and safety measures regarding each contest/challenge before attempting.

How can I help out with Food Challenge News?

All inquiries can be submitted through our contact us page. We would love to speak with you further!

How can I support Food Challenge News?

Thanks for asking! You can support us by sharing our website, articles, and also by telling people about us! We are now on Ko-Fi, where you can support our website by tipping us! Any support is greatly appreciated and helps us bring you the latest in food challenges/competitive eating!

I am a food challenger or restaurant, how can I be featured on Food Challenge News?

Great question! You can contact us using the form here.